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Crew, Support, Rescue and Security Boat Services - Crew Transfers, Supplies, Support, Security and Rescue Offshore and Inshore. MDS provides reliable, 24 hours per day crew boat services in support of vessels at anchor, offshore and harbor construction projects, stores transfers, towage, bridge inspections, bridge construction and other tasks required by our wide range of clients. Our Crew, Support, Rescue and Security Boats, captains and crew are highly experienced operators, and the crew boats are maintained to the highest standards ensuring our clients receive the most dependable, safe, and economical service available full service contract or bare-boat charter.

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  Marine Diver Services Ocean City, MD - Commercial Diving and Salvage

Our mission is to be recognized as the offshore industry's commercial diving, marine transportation and service company of choice for our customers, employees and investors through innovative, high-quality, value-added business solutions delivered with enthusiasm, integrity and professionalism with the utmost regard for the safety of individuals and the protection of the environment.

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  Marine Diver Services Ocean City, MD - Offshore Support and Transportation

MDS is a leading provider of marine services based in Ocean City, MD and Washington DC providing exploration and production, wind energy support, offshore construction support, underwater surveying, project management, consulting, commercial diving, salvage, rescue and security boats and many other maritime services. Since our establishment, we have primarily focused on providing innovative, technologically advanced marine solutions to meet the evolving needs of the offshore industry.

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Marine Diver Services Ocean City, MD - Services - Commercial Marine   Marine Diver Services Ocean City, MD - Services - Commercial Marine   Marine Diver Services Ocean City, MD - Services - Commercial Marine
Hull Bottom Cleaning Process

We rigorously train our divers to perform the highest possible cleaning level, a balanced blend of hard work and efficiency towards bottom paint preservation. Here are the guidelines that our divers and administrative personnel must follow in the hull cleaning process.

Hull Cleaning Evaluation
The process starts with a detailed evaluation of each specific hull characteristic and all metal parts involved with the cleaning in order to select the right cleaning materials.

Hull Cleaning Practice
We clean from six inches above the waterline to the very bottom of the boat, including the hull, keel, rudders, stabilizers, thrusters, thru-hulls, intakes, depth sounder transducers, speedo wheels, struts, shafts, propellers, trim tabs, out drives, swim step brackets, depending on each specific design.

Writing the Inspection Report
After each cleaning the diver completes a Cleaning Inspection Report informing about the bottom paint coverage, antifouling effectiveness, areas lacking in paint coverage, causes of paint lacking ( if not painted we will report fiberglass condition), signs of rust, signs of electrolysis, anode condition and suggested time of replacement, damage or abnormalities, (if applicable).

Processing Inspection Reports
After a hard day of work, our divers return to the office and hand in the paper work with the written information of the completed cleanings. We input this information into our digital database system to help keep a customer's history for future reference. In addition we mail a copy of these reports to our customers for their own records.

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