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Launch Services, Marine Transportation, Crew, Support, Rescue and Security Boat Services - Crew Transfers, Supplies, Support, Security and Rescue Offshore and Inshore. MDS provides reliable, 24 hours per day crew boat services in support of vessels at anchor, offshore and harbor construction projects, stores transfers, towage, bridge inspections, bridge construction and other tasks required by our wide range of clients. Our Crew, Support, Rescue and Security Boats, captains and crew are highly experienced operators, and the crew boats are maintained to the highest standards ensuring our clients receive the most dependable, safe, and economical service available full service contract or bare-boat charter.

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  Marine Diver Services Ocean City, MD - Commercial Diving and Salvage

Our mission is to be recognized as the offshore industry's commercial diving, marine transportation and service company of choice for our customers, employees and investors through innovative, high-quality, value-added business solutions delivered with enthusiasm, integrity and professionalism with the utmost regard for the safety of individuals and the protection of the environment.

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  Marine Diver Services Ocean City, MD - Offshore Support and Transportation

MDS is a leading provider of Launch Services, Marine Transportation and Marine services based in Ocean City, MD and Washington DC providing exploration and production, wind energy support, offshore construction support, underwater surveying, project management, consulting, commercial diving, salvage, rescue and security boats and many other maritime services. Since our establishment, we have primarily focused on providing innovative, technologically advanced marine solutions to meet the evolving needs of the offshore industry.

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Marine Diver Services Ocean City, MD - Services - Commercial Marine   Marine Diver Services Ocean City, MD - Services - Commercial Marine   Marine Diver Services Ocean City, MD - Services - Commercial Marine
Learn about the Ocean City, Maryland Offshore Wind Farm

Wind in Maryland

As any Maryland boater knows, Maryland has plenty of wind for power. Winds make the Bay one of the premier sailing destinations in the country, and small wind generators on boats of all kinds help supply power for living and working on the vessel. The greatest potential for wind in Maryland lies offshore in the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Maryland has few fossil fuel energy resources, but we have utility scale wind resources. In fact, in terms of meeting the 20% renewable energy goal for 2020, Maryland's most significant opportunity lies in wind installations of this scale.

  • Augmenting power consumption with wind power would reduce carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants such as mercury, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides.

  • Wind energy is 100% renewable and completely free of emissions, and can offset demand for coal and gas-fired electricity, reducing emissions - and reducing costs.

  • Wind energy can increase manufacturing jobs and boost revenues to landowners

  • Meeting an increased demand for wind power requires an increase in manufacturing - potential for Maryland to capitalize on its workforce and strategic location.

The offshore wind industry in Maryland will create thousands of American jobs. Developing an offshore wind industry right here off Ocean City, Maryland will increase our nation's competitiveness in energy sector, revitalize industrial ports, bolster the manufacturing sector, and create good, high paying, jobs in the years to come.

When we generate our own power locally, we create jobs locally.To build and operate these complex projects, we need environmental services companies, engineers, scientists, marine biologists, and tradespeople, just to name a few.

Offshore wind is an excellent source of local, clean, and reliable energy. New technology already used around the globe can harness the strong and steady ocean winds, transform them into clean electricity, and transmit that power where it's needed through a cable buried deep under the ocean floor.

Throughout the last decade, offshore wind has experienced major technological breakthroughs. Those breakthroughs have greatly lowered the cost of building and servicing these clean energy plants. And, since offshore wind is strongest when energy is needed most-in the middle of the day and early evening-it will help to stabilize electric rates.

Wind energy has been utilized by humans for more than two thousand years. For example, windmills were often used by farmers and ranchers for pumping water or grinding grain. In modern times, wind energy is mainly used to generate electricity, primarily through the use of wind turbines. All wind turbines operate in the same basic manner. As the wind blows, it flows over the airfoil-shaped blades of wind turbines, causing the turbine blades to spin. The blades are connected to a drive shaft that turns an electric generator to produce electricity. The newest wind turbines are highly technologically advanced, and include a number of engineering and mechanical innovations to help maximize efficiency and increase the production of electricity.

Offshore Wind Energy Resources

Offshore wind turbines are being used by a number of countries to harness the energy of strong, consistent winds that are found over the oceans. In the United States, 53% of the nation's population lives in coastal areas, where energy costs and demands are high and land-based renewable energy resources are often limited. Abundant offshore wind resources have the potential to supply immense quantities of renewable energy to major U.S. coastal cities.

Offshore winds tend to blow harder and more uniformly than on land. The potential energy produced from wind is directly proportional to the cube of the wind speed. As a result, increased wind speeds of only a few miles per hour can produce a significantly larger amount of electricity. For instance, a turbine at a site with an average wind speed of 16 mph would produce 50% more electricity than at a site with the same turbine and average wind speeds of 14 mph. This is one reason that developers are interested in pursuing offshore wind energy resources.

Wind energy is a fully domestic source of energy and one of Maryland's greatest homegrown and natural sources of energy. And like solar energy, wind energy relies on a renewable power source that can't be exhausted.

Wind energy is totally clean, requiring no combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas, and wind turbines don't produce atmospheric emissions that cause acid rain or greenhouse gasses.

In reality, wind is a derivative form of solar energy, since the sun warms the atmosphere unevenly. Wind is created as heat flows from hotter areas to cooler areas and from high pressure systems to lower pressure systems around the earth's surface. Wind energy taps into this natural process and harnesses it to make power.

Wind power is derived from wind spinning a turbine that produces electricity. Wind power generation does not produce any emissions and has been a proven, efficient technology for decades across the globe, but especially in coastal Northern Europe, where wind energy utilization accounts for a huge percentage of overall power generation.

Offshore Wind

Offshore wind is wind power produced by turbines placed off the shore in shallow water. Offshore wind typically produces more power than land-based wind because the turbines are larger and the wind is more consistent over the water.

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